I'm an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Denison University. My research interests include algorithms, networking, databases, natural language processing, and social networks.


Office:Olin 205




I was named the Bayley-Bowen Faculty Fellow at Denison University for 2013-2016.

Check out thegamesdesigned by my Game Design students.


Here are my recent publications (full list).

Crossroads: A Practical Data Sketching Solution for Mining Intersection of Streams, Zhenglin Yu, Zihui Ge, Ashwin Lall, Jia Wang, Jun (Jim) Xu, He Yan, InProceedings of the Internet Measurement Conference (IMC-14),Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2014.

Error Estimating Codes for Insertion and Deletion Channels, Jiwei Huang, Sen Yang, Ashwin Lall, Justin Romberg, Jun (Jim) Xu, Chuang Lin, InProceedings of SIGMETRICS (SIGMETRICS-14), Austin, Texas, 2014.

Exponential Reservoir Sampling for Streaming Language Models, Miles Osborne, Ashwin Lall, Benjamin Van Durme. InProceedings of the ACL Conference (ACL-14short paper), Baltimore, Maryland, 2014.

A Simpler and Better Design of Error Estimating Coding, Nan Hua, Ashwin Lall, Baochun Li, and Jun Xu. InProceedings of Infocom (INFOCOM-12), Orlando, Florida, 2012.

Towards Optimal Error-Estimating Codes through the Lens of Fisher Information Analysis, Nan Hua, Ashwin Lall, Baochun Li, and Jun Xu. InProceedings of Sigmetrics (SIGMETRICS-12), London, UK, 2012.

Interactive Regret Minimization, Danupon Nanongkai, Ashwin Lall, Atish Das Sarma. InProceedings of SIGMOD (SIGMOD-12), Scottsdale, AZ, 2012.

Dense Subgraphs on Dynamic Networks, Atish Das Sarma, Ashwin Lall, Danupon Nanongkai, Amitabh Trehan. InProceedings of DISC (DISC-12), Salvador, Brazil, 2012.