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Joan Krone joined the Denison faculty in 1990, having taught mathematics at Ohio Dominican College before earning her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Ohio State University, where she taught Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis before coming to Denison.

Her research is in the mathematical foundations of computer science, emphasizing mathematical reasoning about the formal specification and verification of software in the context of software engineering principles. Krone is a strong advocate of undergraduate research and has served as mentor to more than 30 undergraduate research students, many of whom have presented their work at professional conferences. She developed a discrete math course that introduced computer science applications of mathematical concepts and co-authored the textbook "Essential Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science" with Todd Feil. In addition to teaching computer science Krone is the Director of the Gilpatrick Center, which oversees the summer research program at Denison, as well as serving to advise students applying for a variety of prestigious scholarships such as Fulbright, Marshall, Rhodes, and others.


B.S. Mathematics,West Liberty State College, M.S. Mathematics,
M.S. Computer Science, Ph.D. Computer Science, the Ohio State University

Selected Publications

1. Gregory Kulczycki, Murali Sitaraman, Joan Krone, Joseph E. Hollingsworth, William F. Ogden, Bruce W. Weide, Paolo Bucci, Charles T. Cook, Svetlana Drachova, Blair Durkee, Heather Harton, Wayne Heym, Dustin Hoffman, Hampton Smith, Yu-Shan Sun, Aditi Tagore, Nighat Yasmin, and Diego Zaccai, A Language for Building Verified Software Components, Proceedings of ICSR, Pisa, Italy, July 2013.

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3. Murali Sitaraman, Bruce Adcock, Jeremy Avigad, Derek Bronish, Paolo Bucci, David Frazier, Harvey M. Friedman, Heather Harton, Wayne Heym, Jason Kirschenbaum, Joan Krone, Hampton Smith, and Bruce W. Weide, "Building a Push-Button RESOLVE Verifier: Progress and Challenges," Formal Aspects of Computing, 2010, 34 pages.

4. J. Krone, J.E. Hollingsworth, M. Sitaraman, and J.O. Hallstrom, "A Reasoning Concept Inventory for Computer Science," Technical Report RSRG-10-01, School of Computing, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634-0974, September, 2010, 6 pages.

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