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by Sohrab Behdad and Timur Kuran about Theory of Islamic Economics: Tradition and Transformation.
From Granville
to Samarkand
and Kashghar


Publications in English


Book Reviews in English

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Publications in Persian

  • "Enqelab Farhangi-ye Jomhouri-ye Eslami: Eslamikardan-e Eqtesad dar Daneshgaha-ye Iran," "Islamic Republic's Cultural Revolution: Islamization of Economics in Iranian Universities," Kankash (A Persian Journal of History, Culture and Politics, published in New York) Fall 1997.

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Commentaries/Columns in Persian Periodicals

  • "Iran Dar Rah-e Demokrasi" in Koroush Rahimkhani (ed.) Perostrika va Eslahat, Tehran 2001
  • "Demokrasi dar Faza-ye Baz: Konferans-e Berlin," (Democracy in Open Politcal Space: The Berlin Conference), Mihan (A Political Monthly, Paris), volume 5, number 45, October/November 2000.
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  • "Majles, Qanun-e Kar va Peyamadhay-e Mussavabeh-ye Akhir" (Parliament, the Labor Law and the Consequences of the Recent Revision), Asr-e Azadegan (Free Times Tehran daily) volume 1, number 126, March 8, 2000.
  • "Masaf dar Seattle" (WTO and Battle in Seattle) Akhbar-e Eqtesadi (Economic News Tehran Daily) volume 1, number 71, December 5, 1999.
  • "Eqtesad-e Nabesaman va Bodjeh-ye Jumhori-ye Eslami," (Economic Crisis and the Budget of the Islamic Republic of Iran), Mihan (Paris), volume IV, number 35, February 1999.