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by Sohrab Behdad and Timur Kuran about Theory of Islamic Economics: Tradition and Transformation.
From Granville
to Samarkand
and Kashghar

Alert & Disclaimer

Theory of Islamic Economics: Tradition and Transformation (New Delhi: Global Vision Publishing House, 2006) appears on the publisher's website and those of a number of other book sellers in India. The authors of the book on the cover are "S. Behdad and T. Kurnan". The authors' biographies on the dust cover flap state that "S. Behdad, born in Chittagong and educated in Chittagong University" and "T. Kurnan is a young and dynamic scholar of Chittagong University."

Both sites accessed on April 25, 2006.

Please be advised that Sohrab Behdad and Timur Kuran are not the coauthors of the book identified above. This book includes a reprint of an article by Sohrab Behdad ("Property Rights in Islamic Economic Approaches," as its chapter 5, and two articles of Timur Kuran ("The Economic System in Contemporary Islamic Thought" and "Economic Justice in Contemporary Islamic Thought," as its Chapter 6. These articles were previously published in Islamic Economic Alternatives, edited by Jomo K.S., London: Macmillan Academic and Professional 1991, and were reissued by Kuala Lumpur: Ikraq 1993*. They are published in this book without our knowledge and without attribution. There is no attribution for any of the other chapters of the book, either.

We make the announcement of this alert and disclaimer to inform the public and all other interested parties, as we pursue legal action to protect our intellectual property rights and to prevent any possible misuse of our names and any damages to our reputation.

Sohrab Behdad Timur Kuran
Denison University University of Southern California
behdad@denison.edu kuran@usc.edu

* Sohrab Behdad's article was first published in Review of Social Economy 1989, and Timur Kuran's articles were first published in International Journal of Middle East Studies 1986 and 1989. They were reprinted in Islamic Economic Alternatives with the permission of the publishers of the above journals.