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B. echo, the Echo moonwort, a tetraploid from Echo Lake, CO
(115 k)

B. simplex, the least moonwort, a diploid from MN
(41 k)

B. lanceolatum, the narrow triangle moonwort, a diploid from OH
(41 k)

S. multifidum, the leather grapefern, from Grand Sable Dunes, MI
(115 k)

S. lunarioides, the prostrate grapefern, from LA
(85 k)

S. biternatum, the sparse-lobed grapefern, from AR
(136 k)

S. jenmanii, the Alabama grapefern, from GA
(135 k)

Waterton Lakes, Alberta - an incredibly beautiful place to hunt for moonworts
(74 k)

Buttress roots of a tropical tree in Suriname:
(74 k)

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