This conference will bring together experts in knot theory with undergraduates who are either currently participating in knot theory REUs, undergraduates who have participated in knot theory research, current graduate students who participated as undergraduates in knot theory research, and perhaps most importantly, undergraduate faculty who either have involved undergraduates in knot theory research or who would like to involve undergraduates.

The main speakers will introduce the audience to current research in knot theory. Moreover, there will be parallel sessions of talks by undergraduates and faculty on their own research in knot theory. A problem session will provide all participants with a variety of ideas for future research.

The conference will expose students to the research environment through a conference that directly addresses their interests. It has the potential to excite a large body of students about grad school in topology/geometry. In addition, it will help to create a network of students and faculty interested in knot theory that will provide support to the next generation or researchers.


UnKnot I 2009 - 110 attendees

UnKnot II 2012 - 101 attendees

Lewis D. Ludwig 2016