3D Printing

Here is the link to our Denison Seminar 3D Printing: from abstract to the concrete. Inspired by the work of Laura Taalman, and generous support from Denison, in the spring of 2015, I started exploring the world of 3D printing with a MakerBot Replicator 2 printer. I ran a one-credit hour seminar, 3D Printing and Design, with 12 amazing students who created some really cool stuff. This semester I am co-teaching our Denison Seminar with Chris Faur, an artist who is also an tech-guru! We now have a lab with six printers - looking forward to learning from Chris and our students. Cannot wait to see what they will create!

Replicator 2Swasey Chapel by Logan EyerTessalating cookie cutter by Mike McKinney3D printed hand form EnalblingTheFutureGiraffe in a cage by Ben KellerSwasey et al.Penny trap - design by Laura TaalmanCaged ball by Alec CobijnEscher’s lizards as a cookie roller ala G. HartNested dodecahedron by Wei Peng3D OtoscopeTesselating cookie cutterKnot mosaic by Krysta GarbarinoWhen accidents happen by me

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