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7/16 - Great summer of research with this talented group of young chemists!!

5/16 - Reczek Group Senior Sendoff Party! Good luck to David, Lory, Lovely, and Ricardo! You'll be missed!

4/16 - Three Reczek Group alumni were awarded NSF GFRP grants! Congratulations to Anelise, Ariana, and Riley!!! Read more here!

3/16 - The Reczek Group had a great time at the National ACS conference in San Diego! Great job presenting Loryn, Lovely, David, Jarrett, Kareha, and Maddie!!!

2/16 - Dr. Joe was an invited speaker at the Energy, Materials, Nanotechnology meeting on Liquid Crystals, Orlando FL.

1/16 - Our paper was selected for a virtual issue on "Materials Genomics"! Link

1/16 - Welcome to new the Reczek Group members Andrew Delahunty '18, Niquana Smith '18, and Maddy Stern '18!

9/15 - Dr. Joe's NSF MRI grant (with Drs Edwards, Katz, and Specht) was funded!! Denison will be getting a new X-ray powder diffractomer with a variable temperature stage!! Read more here!

8/15 - Ariana, Riley, and Cheryl's paper was published in Organic Letters! Link

5/15 - Reczek Group Senior Sendoff!! Good luck Ariana, Riley, and Alex! You guys will be great!

4/15 - Reczek Group heads to the ACS meeting in Denver! Great job presenting guys!

1/15 - Annelise, Haley, and Ariana's work on the efficient synthesis of core-brominated NDI molecules was accepted for publication in Synthetic Cmmunications! Great work guys!

1/15 - Lots of new Group members! Welcome to Kareha Agesa '17, Jarrett Dillenburger '17, Michelle Hill '17, Peter Rudd '17, and Madeline Van Winkle '18. Let's do some great research!!

12/14 - Reczek group Holiday party and Secrete Santa! With Riley, Lovely, Loryn, Ariana, and David! Alex and Ricardo were missed!

6/14 - Summer reaserch in the Reczek Group! Teamwork makes the dream work!

5/14 - Reczek Group 2014 Senior Sendoff party! Good luck Cheryl and Haley!!

4/14 - Haley, Cheryl, Alex, Rily and Ariana did a great job presenting our research of the National ACS conference in Dallas! Pictures!

2/14 - Lovely Abocado '16, Ricardo Antonio '16 and Loryn Holokai '16 join the Reczek Group!

6/13 - Summer Research 2013! What a colorful group! (Dr. Joe, Haley Grimm '14, Ariana Gray Be '15, Alex Sterdjevich '15, Riley Sechrist '15)

05/13 - Reczek Group 2013 Senior Send-off Party! Good luck Adam, Annelise, Bresha, Faith, and Katie!!

04/13 - The Reczek Group presents at the National ACS meeting in New Orleans! Great work guys!

03/13 - Annelise Thompson '13 has won a Fulbright Fellowship to research in Germany, congratulations Annelise!

03/13 - Group Alum Katie Leight '11 was awarded a NSF graduate felowship, congratulations Katie!

11/12 - The Reczek group is awarded a Petroleum Research Foundation grant from the ACS!

8/12 - The Reczek group is awarded a research grant from the NSF!

8/12 - Katie Leight, Brooke, and Alex's paper is published in Chemistry of Materials! Great work guys!

8/12 - Dr. Joe and The Works Museum in Newark OH complete the new educaitonal solar energy exhibit "Power from the Sun"!! Ask to try the solar canon! :)

more pictures!

4/12 - Reczek Group 2012 Senior Send-off Party! Good luck Keenan and Sam!!

3/12 - The Reczek Group travels to the National ACS Meeting in San Diego! Great job presenting guys!!

3/12 - Faith Simunyu '13 has won the a 2012 UNCF/Merck Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship Award!! Congratulations and great job Faith!!

Faith recieving the award from Denison President Dale Knobel!

2/12 - Katie Huff '13 and Annelise Thompson '13 are awarded Anderson summer funding. Congratulations guys!

1/12 - New members! Reka Geczy '14, Haley Grimm '14, and Cheryl Tran '14 join the group! Welcome to the team!

11/11 - Sam and Keenan each receive a $500 Denison Senior Research Grant, good work guys!

10/23/11 - Dr Joe and the Denison Chemical Society put on the 2nd annual Mole-athon (6.02 kilometers) raising $260 for the ACS Scholors fund!

08/11 - The Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry moves into the newly renovated building!

03/11 - Brooke, Katie, and Kevin present at the National ACS meeting in Aneheim. Great job guys!

01/11 - Prof. Reczek and Louise Caroll '12 are awarded The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Special Grant in the Chemical Sciences in colaboration with The Works Museum in Newark OH.

01/11 - New members! Katie Huff '13, Annelise Thompson '13, Adam Murray '13 and Keenen McKnight '12

10/10 - Brooke, Katie and Kevin each receive a $500 Senior Research Grants!

06/10 - Prof. Reczek is awarded a Lindberg Grant in general conservation!

02/10 - Brooke and Katie are awarded Anderson summer funding. Congratulations guys!

12/09 - Prof. Reczek receives a Cottrell College Science Award from Research Corporation!