Ion Quantum Optics

Welcome to Steven Olmschenk's Ion Quantum Optics group. This research lab is part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Denison University in Ohio.

Our research is focused on the quantum interface between matter and light. Towards this end, we are exploring novel techniques to integrate single trapped atomic ions with single photons, with a focus on applications in quantum information. In addition, these investigations may yield new insight in atomic physics and quantum optics, including a better understanding of the fundamental role of decoherence and measurement in each of these systems.

Also included on this site is relevant information about specific topics in atomic, molecular, and optical physics.

We gratefully acknowledge funding support from:

Army Research Office
Research Corporation
Denison University
Denison University Research Foundation


Dr. Olmschenk has been awarded a Cottrell College Science Award from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement!

Three students in the lab this semester as independent study students. Welcome back Brad and Nick, and welcome to new IQO member Eric!

The entire IQO lab attended the Midwest Cold Atom Workshop at Purdue University, with Brad and Nick giving a poster presentation on the progress in the lab.

Dr. Olmschenk has been awarded a grant from the Army Research Office (ARO) Young Investigator Program!

After some careful tuning of the ECDL, laser absorption in iodine was observed.

With just a few hundred volts and a few milliamps, we have a discharge ignited in the hollow cathode lamp.

Brad Bedacht and Nick Theisen have joined the IQO group (officially a few weeks ago). Welcome Brad and Nick!

The first extended-cavity diode laser is operational!

Our custom surface-mount photodiode amplifier boards are in the process of being assembled and tested.

Spring semester at Denison begins. Dr. Olmschenk is teaching Physics 200: Modern Physics, and Physics 122: General Physics II (with an associated lab section).

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