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I teach in the department of philosophy at Denison University.  My research interests include aesthetics, environmental philosophy, and continental philosophy, with particular emphases on environmental aesthetics and the connections between our concepts (e.g., that of nature) and our practices.

I serve as the reviews editor for Ethics, Place, and Environment: A Journal of Philosophy & Geography.  To see a list of books currently available for review, click here.  For the EPE Book Review Style Guide, please click here (pdf).


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Recent and Forthcoming Publications (pdf’s)

“Continental Philosophy and the Environment.”  In The History of Continental Philosophy Volume 8: New Developments, edited by Todd May (general editor, Alan Schrift).  Chesham, UK: Acumen.  (forthcoming).

 “Subjectivity, Desire, and the Problem of Consumption.”  In Deleuze/Guattari and Ecology, edited by Bernd Herzogenrath.  New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008: 129–44.  (forthcoming)

“On the Recuperation of Postindustrial Sites: An Aesthetic Analysis.”  In Environnement, engagement ésthetique, et espace publique, edited by Nathalie Blanc and Jacques Lolive.  (forthcoming)

“‘Line of Wreckage’: Towards a Postindustrial Environmental Aesthetics.”  In Ethics, Place and Environment 10 (2007): 323-37.

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