Results of the 1996 Denison Spring Programming Contest

This year, 8 teams from 5 schools (Denison, Ohio Wesleyan, Ashland, Baldwin-Wallace and Heidleberg) competed in this 4-hour contest. Problem 2 was difficult, apparently.

This year OWU team A edged out Denison team B, both solving 4 problems. Baldwin-Wallace team A made a strong showing, solving 3 problems in about 2 hours, temporarily holding onto first place, but could solve no more problems.

The final standings:

  1. Ohio Wesleyan A
  2. Denison B
  3. Baldwin-Wallace A
  4. Ashland A
  5. Ashland B
  6. Heidleberg
  7. Ohio Wesleyan B
  8. Denison A

Congratulations to all the students who participated.