Results of the 1995 Denison Spring Programming Contest

This year, 13 teams from 7 schools (Denison, Ohio Wesleyan, Mount Union, Marietta, Ashland, Baldwin-Wallace and Heidleberg) competed in this 4-hour contest. While problem 4 was admittedly too difficult, the others gave a good challenge. We should acknowledge that problem 5 was stolen from the 1990 Duke Internet Programming Contest - good, not too difficult problems are hard to come by.

It shaped up early on as a two-team race for first between Dension team 1 and Ohio Wesleyan team 1. Denison team 1 took the early lead by solving a problem in 13 minutes. Ohio Wesleyan countered at 26 minutes and then went on to solve two more by about the two hour mark. Denison solved two more within another half hour, making three problems solved for both - no other team was to solve more than one. OWU of course held the tie-breaker with a smallertotal elapsed time. Both teams worked frantically to solve the fourth problem. After two "time limit exceeded" submissions, Denison finally submitted a program for problem #2 that generated some output at the 3:35 mark - but there was one output error. The feeling in the judges' room was that there was no time to find and correct their mistake. But, with 7 minutes to go, the correct submission was made, moving Denison team 1 into first place. What excitment!

The top ten teams:

  1. Denison #1: Jianming Wu, Cynthia Adams, Carolyn Holthaus, Jeff Haidet
  2. Ohio Wesleyan #1: Imran Ali, Rajesh Raman, Ziauddin Majid, Aaron Moman
  3. Ashland: Joungkook Park, Jeff Bonfiglio, Robert Hoffman, Dean Ford
  4. Marietta #1: Jon Cochran, Dave Givens, Mike Deem
  5. Ohio Wesleyan #2: Ruchita Burman, Nushad Prakash, Apan Qasem, Suhneel Roye
  6. Marietta #2: Phil Parker, Trey Howard, Matt Schul
  7. Mount Union: Christopher Purdum, Jonathon Ziegler, Ravi Laxminarayan
  8. Heidleberg #1: Jon Kauffman, Butch Warren, Eric Nutt
  9. Ohio Wesleyan #3: Julia Best, Hiranmoy Easwaren, Robert Nyonyi, Koshal Parikh
  10. Denison #3: Kan Ni, Ryan Rice, Scott Karr, Mario (Randy) Williams

Congratulations to all the students who participated.