Mathematics and Computer Science

2017 Denison Spring Programming Contest

This year, 22 teams from 6 schools (Baldwin-Wallace, Denison, Oberlin, Ohio Wesleyan, U of Akron, and Wooster) competed in this 4-hour contest.

The "Isomorphic Bijections" from Denison won the contest, solving five problems. Coming in second was "Oberlin '; DROP TABLE Teams;--" from Oberlin, also with five problems solved. "qUArk" (Akron) and "Segmentation Fault" (OWU) came third and fourth with four problems solved apiece. "Snack Overflow" (Denison) rounded out the top five. Most teams solved at least one problem.

Congratulations to Andrew Read-McFarland and Wei Peng on a strong showing!

Final Standings with breakdown of problems submitted and solved for each team.

The problem set and judge's data can be found in the contest archives.

Congratulations to all the students who participated. Hope to see you next year. (Next year's contest will be at the usual time of the last Saturday in February.)

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