28th Denison Spring Programming Contest - 24 February 2018

Contest Information

  1. Teams should arrive between noon and 12:30, but definitely before 12:30. Come to the lecture hall on the main floor of Olin Science Hall. Orientation starts at 12:30 sharp. Contest starts at 1:00.
  2. Teams are allowed to use any printed material : books, notes, program printouts.
  3. NO electronic devices are allowed including calculators, laptops, etc.
  4. We will be using the gnu C++ compiler (g++ 4.x), Java 1.8.x, Python 2.7.x, and Python 3.4.x.
  5. Use type double for all floating point calculations, if using C++.
  6. Many of you will be familiar with different C++ compilers than the one we'll use here. To avoid headaches, make your program conform to the following:
    1. You must include iostream, not iostream.h followed by using namespace std;
    2. The function main must return an integer, for example, return 0; .
  7. We will be using the contest software PC^2. Please read the PC^2 Contestant's Guide before you come.
  8. IMPORTANT: Only 2 team members in rooms 217 and 219 (the terminal rooms) at one time. Respect the other teams; Please do not abuse this rule.
  9. Absolutely no food or drink in rooms 217 and 219.
  10. Scores will be posted in room 217 up to the last hour of the contest. Winners will be announced at dinner.
  11. The usual rules regarding programming contests apply regarding scoring. The judges' response to a submission will be the first of the following that applies: