Mathematics & Computer Science Department


R. Matthew Kretchmar

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Office: 207 Olin Hall
Phone: (740) 587-6721
Email: kretchmar at denison dot edu
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Current Classes

cs173: Intermediate Computer Science
This course continues developing the problem solving aspects of computer science as a discipline. Students solve more complex problems by learning software engineering techniques, ADT specifications, C++, class design, searching/sorting, and more sophisticated view of algorithm analysis.
m102: Essentials of Statistics
This is an introductory course on statistics and statistical analysis.

Previous Classes

FYS102: I've taught three different topics: Mathematical Fairness, Game Theory, and Technology and Community
cs110: A multimedia-based introduction to computing.
cs111: Introduction to programming with applications in the natural sciences.
cs112: Introduction to programming with applications in the social sciences.
cs173: An intermediate programming course focussing on object oriented design.
cs174: A discrete math course for CS majors.
cs271: Data Structures.
cs281: Computer Systems.
cs334: Theory of Computation.
cs339: Artificial Intelligence with an emphasis on maching learning and pattern recognition.
cs391: Robotics.
W101 A first year writing workshop with the topic: Extreme Sports and Adventure Literature.
cs171: (RETIRED) An introductory course in programming and computing; replaced with cs110/cs111.
cs272: (RETIRED) A second course in algorithms and data structures; replaced with cs371.
cs101: (RETIRED) An introductory course in computing.

Research Interests

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning, evolutionary computation, games and game theory, combinatorics.
My current cv.

Personal Interests

I enjoy spending time with my daughter Dylan and my son Eli. I also enjoy competitive distance running, cycling (especially mountain biking), and games.