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          Here is an excerpt from the README file:

The subroutines are designed to be flexibly combined to make a wide variety of plots... including combining contours, grayscale, color, polarization vectors, etc. on a single pane.  Multiple images may be easily combined in the same frame either as direct overlays or offset from one another by an arbitrary amount.  Images may be rotated or shifted before plotting.  Images made to different resolutions (pixel sizes) can be easily plotted together to the same scale.  Images can be combined mathematically to make images of quantities like fractional polarization, spectral index, and Faraday rotation.... 

Examples:  Total Intensity of 3C 120's parsec scale jet , Polarization , Fractional Polarization , Fancy Combination Plot, and an X-ray Jet in 3C 371 plotted with Hubble and Merlin images for comparison.

Possibly Fun Software: