The Sapindaceae

"Soapberry Family"

Image of SILVER MAPLE Image of Ruby Horse Chestnut
Silver Maple Ruby Horse Chestnut

The Sapindaceae family is comprised of 147 genera made up of 2,215 different species. Serjania, the major genus of the family is made up of 215 species and the Acer genus has 111-200 species. The Sapindaceae are primarily located in Tropical to subtropical areas extending into the north temperate region. They are found in abundance in Asia and America. In the United States and Canada there are 19 genera and 64 species, the Acer, Aesculus, and Sapindus.

Click here for a distribution map of the Sapindaceae in the U.S.A.

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Vegetative Characters

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Reproductive Characters

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Diagnostic Characters

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Economic Importance/Fun Facts

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Evolutionary Adaptations and Relationships