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Work on color and the alphabet
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Artistic Statement

My oil painting technique is unique in that I meticulously work the canvas, building layer upon layer of hand mixed oils and varnishes, achieving an astonishing degree of luminosity and intriguing brilliance. The novel use of stencils to impart detailed information, such as numeric patterns and text, lends a coldly mechanical feeling to my works while providing the vehicle for many of the metaphors that are present within each painting. The use of these stencils allows for an unusual control of the medium since the canvas can be impregnated with elaborate bits of information, an allegory to today’s information overflow. Once the oil paint is pushed through the mesh of the silkscreen, it is then scraped, blended, blurred and further manipulated to achieve the desired effect. The line between printmaking and fine painting is blurred as each layer is built upon the next. The product is a richly luminous surreal painting that evokes both contemplative thoughts and strong emotional responses.

I have been working with the encaustic material for a few years now. I have been drawn to the astonishingly organic texture and surface of the medium.

I think that painting is very much like solving a complicated mathematical problem, where each step logically and necessarily follows from the previous step, finally arriving at a solution. Ideally, an elegant one.

One / Two Person Exhibitions

2007 “ Aggregate States”, Sherrie Gallery, Columbus OH (solo)
2005 “ seg mentation”, Gallery V, Columbus, OH (solo)
2002 “ visual dialogues”, Gallery V, Columbus, OH
2001 “ {1} :the closed set of one”, Ohio Art League, Columbus, OH (solo)
“Digits”, Illinois Central College, Peoria, IL (solo)
”Autumn’s Naked Fingers”, Trumbull Art Gallery, Mansfield, OH
1999 “Meditations on the Problem of Time”, Cruz LA Gallery, Venice, CA (solo)
“Bohistorical”, Pasadena Arts Council Gallery, Pasadena, CA (solo)
1998 “Transitions”, Hello Artichoke Gallery, Santa Monica, CA (solo)



"Ethereal Landscapes " invitational, San Francisco Camera Works, San Francisco, CA


"Art For Life" invitational, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH


"Ohio Art League's 94th Annual Juried Exhibition", juror Dennis Harrington, Columbus, OH


“A Summer Salon”, Gallery V, Columbus, OH
“OH+5”, juror Dr. Louis A. Zona, Athens, OH
.“Gateway National Juried Art Show”, juror Christopher Cook, Farmington, NM
“The 47th Chautauqua National Exhibition of American Art” juror Donald Kuspit, Chautauqua, NY
2003 “Ohio Art League’s 92th Annual Juried Exhibition”, juror Peter Madden, Columbus, OH2003
“ Summer Show”, Gallery V, Columbus, OH
“ Ohio Art League’s 91th Annual Juried Exhibition”, Columbus, OH
2002 “ Abstraction, Figuration”, Gallery V, Columbus, OH
“Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show”, juror Lisa Dennison, Cambridge, MA
2001 “ Ohio Art League’s 90th Annual Juried Exhibition”, juror Sue Spaid, Columbus, OH (award)
“Dimensions 2001”, juror Philip Koch, Winston-Salem, NC (award)
“Spring Into Art Juried Exhibition”, Sensibilities Gallery, Granville, OH
“Studio Montclair 4th Annual Juried Open”, juror Hsiao-Ning Tu, Montclair, NJ
“Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show”, juror Maxwell L Anderson, Cambridge, MA
"Art Association of Harrisburg 73rd Annual Juried Exhibition", juror Susan Cross, Harrisburg, PA
“The 44th Chautauqua National Exhibition of American Art”, juror Barbara Rose, Chautauqua, NY
"Fall 2001 Group Show ", Denison University Gallery, Granville, OH

2000 “Millennium Art Exhibition 2000”, Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1999 “ Three Times Silver”, juror Richard Ellis, Eagle Rock, CA (award)
1998 “ Flesh”, Hello Artichoke Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
“Art and Soul”, juror Elena Del Rio, Los Angeles, CA
“Soho Arts Festival”, curator Trudi Abram, Hollywood, CA




Lauren Cattel, SHORT NORTH GAZETTE, February 16
Kalzaad Kotwal, COLUMBUS DISPATCH, February 4
Jordan Gentile, THE OTHER PAPER, February 1

2006 Jacqueline Hall, COLUMBUS DISPATCH, April 2
2005 Kalzaad Kotwal, COLUMBUS DISPATCH, February 13
Melissa Starker, COLUMBUS ALIVE, January 26
2004 Melissa Starker, COLUMBUS ALIVE, June 23
2003 Jennifer Ralph, Dialogue, January/February issue
2002 Jeanne Fryer-Kohles, COLUMBUS DISPATCH, September 15
J Caleb Mozzocco, COLUMBUS ALIVE, January 31
Jacqueline Hall, COLUMBUS DISPATCH, February 3
2001 Melissa Starker, COLUMBUS ALIVE, March 1
Joe Sinsabaugh, GRANVILLE SENTINAL, March 1
Previews, DIALOGUE, March/April issue
Jeanne Fryer-Kohles, COLUMBUS DISPATCH, March 25
Jeanne Fryer-Kohles, COLUMBUS DISPATCH, September 23