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Updated on : 9 August, 2006

Below are two sample audio files:
Audio Test 1 (.wav)
Audio Test 1 (.mp3)

Updated on : Feb. 16, 2005.

Below a movie file (.avi) of Matt playing guitar - January 2005. It is hilarious and a recent picture of the little guy. Matt and his boys (Snowmen)
Digital movie of Matt playing guitar

Fall 2004 Pictures
Picking Apples I: nice
Picking Apples II: nice
Picking Apples III: nice
Picking Apples IV: nice
Picking Apples V: nice
Picking Apples VI: nice

Matthew Proud of His Stacked Blocks (boring)

Matthew about to begin washing pumpkins7
Washing pumpkins (and bird high in tree)79
Washing pumpkins (and loving the hose) <
Mom Smith
Putting pumpkins in wheelbarrow5
Putting pumpkins in wheelbarrow (II)
Mom and Dad Smith
Mom and Dad Smith 97
Mom and Dad Smith 98
Pumpkin Carving 2004
Pumpkin Carving -- Schroedinger's Cat


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