Sam Cowling
CV | cowlings[at]denison[dot]edu

I'm a professor in the Department of Philosophy at Denison University. I work mainly in metaphysics and the philosophy of comics with a focus on ontology (what exists), modality (how things could have been), fiction (stories we make up), and cartooning (how comics convey information). I also teach logic and the philosophy of science.

I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, home of the Nanaimo Bar.


Philosophy of Comics with Wesley D. Cray (2022)

Abstract Entities (2017)


Omnipresence and Mathematical Reality (forthcoming) Oxford Handbook of Omnipresence

Hume's Razor (forthcoming) Philosophical Methodology after Carnap

Portraits as Parts of Comics (forthcoming) Essays on the Comics of Alex Ross

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Selected Reviews

Essence and Existence by Bob Hale, NDPR

Ontology without Borders by Jody Azzouni, Mind

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Ontology & the Ambitions of Metaphysics by Thomas Hofweber, Philosophical Quarterly

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