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Denison’s Communication-Across-the-Curriculum Program

What is this web site about?
This site is a resource for Denison faculty and staff implementing the oral communication requirement in the General Education program across the divisions.

Answers about the oral communication requirement at Denison:  
What is the oral communication (R) requirement at Denison?  
What is oral communication competence? 
What is the history of oral competence at Denison? 
“Is the “R” really necessary?” 
Who should teach oral competence courses? 
What are advantages to teaching a course as an R? 
Isn’t the “R” just public speaking?
How does speech education integrate into the disciplines? (Eres)

Resources for teaching oral communication 
How do I propose an CSC course? (DOC)
How can I expand my classroom speaking activities? (DOC)
Four Keys to a Successful CXC Course Component 
How do I incorporate CXC into my courses? 
I need help evaluating student speech competence. 
Where can I find further reading on oral competency? 
Where can I get help on preparing an CXC course? 
Can interactive media help teach CXC? (PDF)
Here’s a sample class exercise to get you thinking.

Resources for administrators (research on  CXC) 
What are the nuts & bolts of an CXC program? (PDF)
How can we insure continued growth & success for CXC? (PDF)
How can CXC programs succeed or fail? (PDF)
What kind of training should non-comm faculty receive? (PDF)
What would a full-time CXC coordinator do? (PDF)
What assessment resources are available for SAC? (EXT. LINK)
How can an CXC program be assessed? (PDF)
Is there empirical evidence of need for oral competence skills?  (PDF)
How can a CXC program help in institutional assessment? (PDF)
What is a campus “Communication Lab” & how can it help? (EXT. LINK)
What is Denison’s progress toward a fully self-supporting CXC? (DOC)